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In  a  span  of 5  years, we are in  a  position to  proclaim ourselves as  one  of the best institutes  for  Education  Consultancy  in  Nepal.  We promise students the most study- friendly and congenial environment with the state-of-the-art facilities for study abroad, test preparations, Language courses and other professional training courses.

With globalization comes the opportunity for students to study in foreign countries.

There are many factors which contribute towards the advantages of studying abroad: Quality, excellence and innovation and education institutes which impart the most modern skills through innovative teaching; a high level of technological advancement; some of the best infrastructures and facilities, welcoming multicultural society and quality life style in a safe environment.

Some  of  the  popular  destinations for  study  abroad  programs  are  USA,  Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, and variuos Europian nations. All foreign countries have advantages in itself with options of larger numbers of colleges and universities, Quality and Quantity go hand-in- hand.  A  wide  range  of  courses  available with  outstanding teaching offered through a mixture of workshops, tutorials, lectures, one-on-one teaching, and work based learning is designed to offer you real skills, all of which are immediately relevant in today’s global workplace.

Needless  to  mention,  to   prepare   for   study   abroad   options   one   must   be able   to complete  entry  level  courses  for language proficiency tests like PTE-A,TOEFL, IELTS or for aptitude tests like SAT, GRE and GMAT.

We believe that there is a tremendous potential in every individual and all that is needed to tap this potential is to give the individual the space to grow and explore.

The key to success, however, is the highest level of preparation and that is what Apurba has been striving to achieve. Here at Apurba, we prepare students to the fullest and leave nothing to luck. 

With the  best  possible qualified counselors, faculty, staff and state-of-the-art facilities, we are now  an  indomitable  force  in  the  arena  of  Educational  Consultancy. Here,  you will find the energy and innovation of a young team coalesced with the experience and expertise of the most revered counselors, instructors and the senior management.


  • To serve the educational sector and the nation by making continuous investment towards helping the students get quality and diverse educational opportunities
  • To operate the Company on a sound financial basis of profitable growth, increasing value for our intellectual property and creating career opportunities and financial rewards for the employees
  • To understand the social corporate responsibility and actively recognize the central role of Apurba in the structure of society


  • To  lead  the  industry in  terms  of  quality in  the  South  Asian  region  by  focusing  on the resources towards diversity and growth
  • To support our vision of providing continuous career opportunities and financial rewards for our employees by growing and diversifying every year
  • To support the social issues by innovative means in order to improve the quality of life and thereby creating a pool of students round the globe for a social cause


Apar Bastola

It's an honor and a great pleasure being a student of Apurba. The team is very professional and everyone supported me in every possible way to choose the right university for me. Moreover, it's because of Apurba, I came to know about scholarships at Central Queensland University, Australia and I am grateful that I received 25% scholarships as well.

Apar Bastola
Rishav Dhakal

I am happy that I selected Apurba. They not only helped me get admitted in one of the best Universities in Australia but also guided me throughout the application process. Even now they are in constant touch with me and help me whenever there is a need. Their dedication to perfection and quality service is very impressive.

Rishav Dhakal
Lokesh Jha

Thank you so much Apurba for assisting me to achieve what I had dreamt of. I experienced great quality guidance and counseling and every member of Apurba works hard for the bright future of each student. I am happy that I chose Apurba for the guidance.

Lokesh Jha
Anisha Tamang

I am extremely thankful to Apurba for simplifying my search for scholarships by providing me genuine information. With their assistance, receiving "80% Scholarships at Asia Pacific University " was a piece of cake. Thank You Apurba!

Anisha Tamang
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