English Language Class

Learning English has become almost a necessity. In order to avoid being detached from the globalization process, you cannot help but learn it. There is great diversity in languages around the world and it is practically not possible for a person to communicate in all languages. Out of a kind of compulsion the English language has become a common platform where people from different linguistic origins meet and communicate and interestingly, understand each other.

Our objective is to focus on encouraging students to ‘speak out’ as well as to work on writing, listening and reading skills. The courses are friendly and interactive and we encourage students to lose their inhibitions in using the language. We believe in giving students a ‘thorough preparation’ and practical communicative skills through a variety of mediums using both audio aided and visual methods, over a period of 30 hours. Methodologies like group discussions, multimedia, games and individual presentations are used to assist students to develop not only their language skills but also their personality as a whole. Regular Sunday tests are conducted to evaluate the progress of our students. Our main focus is an encouraging student to improve their spoken as well as listening, reading and writing skills.

Given the modern approach and training by TESOL certified instructors, the effectively is definitely evident in the 360+ methodology that we follow.