MBA Power Prep

MBA Power Prep is an integrated 8 weeks course that prepares students for the MBA Entrance Exams.  This integrated course is designed to help students to develop necessary skills to be successful in MBA entrance exams. Since MBA is a degree highly sought after by entrepreneurial students looking to gain an edge in the business world in a variety of different markets and corporations, this course includes personality development and presentation skills as well. It is not surprising that Apurba is the pioneer institution that started this program.



1.  Reading  Comprehension

2.  Sentence Correction

3.  Critical Reasoning

4.  Analytical Writing-Analysis of Argument


1.  Problem Solving

2.  Data Sufficiency


1.  Group Discussion

2.  Presentation Skills and techniques

3.  Case Analysis

4.  Personal Interview

Why MBA Power Prep @ Apurba?

1.  Our MBA POWERPREP course caters all items that are assigned in the MBA Entrance Examination of all the Business schools of Nepal.

2.  Each section of course is taught by separate teacher who has earned expertise in that section’s content.

3.  Course is available throughout the year, and so students can prepare for their MBA Entrance examination in their manageable and required time.

4.  The most effective and efficient tricks and techniques to crack verbal and math problems are taught with interactive, contextual, and problem solving approaches.

5.  The duration of our powerprep course is another factor that provides teachers and students with enough time to discuss and identify the specific problems relevant to the contents of the test